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One day seminar on Cactus and Succulents on 4th May in Vijayawad

APG&BC is organising one day seminar on Cactus and succulents on 4th May-19. Dr Ram Gandhi and Mr Hariom Singh are attending as resource persons

  • Location Name: Vijayawada.

Over all Progress of APG&BC

popular article published in Enaadu daily on APG&BC activities

  • Location Name: Vijayawada

Press Coverage

About Orchids and APGBC role in Training & development

  • Location Name: Vijaywada

One day seminar on Orchids

APG&BC has conducted one day seminar on Orchids. Smt. Bala Saraswathi, Botanical Horticulturist, Royal Botanical garden, Kew, UK has presented activities of Royal Botanical garden and Exploration and ocnseravtion of Orchids on 27-01-2019 at FTC, water resources deapartment, Vijayawada.

  • Location Name: Vijayawada

Miyawaki method of Forest restoration

APG&BC has adopted Miyawaki method of forest plantation at Vambay colony, Vijayawada& plantation started on 29-10-2018

  • Location Name: Vambay colony, Vijayawada

refresher training on Gardening& Landscape management

Training to CRDA, ADCL&VMC satff

  • Location Name: Hotel olive tree

Planting of saplings in Miyawaki forest

Planting of sapling By Sri.K Sridhar, Mayor, Sri.J. NIvas, Commissioner , Vijayawada municipal Corporation , Sri. N .Chandra Mohan Reddy, MD, APG&BC and Mr.Radhakrishna Nair, Forest creators on 29-10-2018 at Miyawaki Forest site, Vambay colony, Viajayawada

  • Location Name: Vambay Colony, Vijayawada

Workshop on Bougainvillea

Workshop on Bougainvillea on 28-09-2018

  • Location Name: FTC, Water resources department

Workshop on Bougainvillea plants

Dr. R.K Roy , Dr. B.K Benrjii from National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow

  • Location Name: Former's training Center, Vijayawada

Management of Trees and Parks

APG&BC Organised 05 day training programme on Management of Trees and Parks to Government officials from 02.07.2018 to 06.07.2018 at Gateway Hotel, Vijayawada.

  • Location Name: Gateway Hotel, Vijayawada

Service Providers Training Programme

APG&BC Organised (03) day Training programme to Service Providers from 26.6.18 to 28.6.18

  • Location Name: Vijayawada, Vybrant Hotel

Refresher Course for Horticulturists and Research Associates

Refresher Course for Horticulturists and Research Associates, APG&BC, Vijayawada from 14.05.2018 to 18.05.2018.

  • Location Name: Vijayawada

Asst. Engineers Training programme

Training programme on works execution and office procedure to the Asst. Engineers of APUG&BC Vijayawada from 03.05.2018 to 05.05.2018

  • Location Name: Vijayawada

5th Batch Gardeners Training Course 2018

5th Batch Gardeners Training Course 2018

  • Location Name: APUG &BC, Vijayawada

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