About APG & BC


Commitment to create green public spaces by converting open spaces in the state into ecologically sustainable green lungs and to improve the quality of life of the citizens.


Mission and Scope

To design, implement, take up on its own or through suitable agencies either private or public the greening and beautification of the vacant lands of the Government or others to convert them as accessible lung spaces and to adopt all best practices of greening as a prime strategy to mitigate the climate change.

To protect, plan, develop, construct, erect, manage, economically utilize vacant lands, municipal parks, green zones etc., of the Government of Andhra Pradesh and also to manage them effectively by establishing parks, forestry and herbal plantations, play grounds etc.

To develop, construct, erect, operate and maintain necessary infrastructure for managing the vacant lands and land resources of the Government and others.

To equip itself and act as prime and apex mentoring and consultancy organisation in the field of greening & climate management in extending the services to municipal bodies / other needy organisations and to act as a nodal agency on behalf of the Government in obtaining the national / international cooperation and to serve as a platform for Corporate Social Responsibility activities in the matters of ecology.

To do all such profitable, charitable activities those are necessary and incidental to the above goals.



Chairman & Board of Directors

  • Principal Secretary, MA&UD - Chairman
  • Commissioner & Director, Municipal Administration - Director
  • Managing Director, APUFIDC - Director
  • Managing Director, APG&BC - Director
  • Directorate of Town & Country Planning - Director
  • Mission Director - MEPMA - Director

Corporation Certificates

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